The Real Impact of Past Crowdfunds

The Vikings are Feeling the Impact of the Crowdfunds for LU Athletics (Spring 2018)

Men’s and Women’s Basketball – With the money raised from the 2018 Crowdfund for LU Athletics, the men’s and women’s basketball programs were able to purchase a new “The Gun” Shooting Machine. The machine was purchased during the summer, and our players are excited to get lots of shots up during their preseason workouts when they arrive back on campus in the fall. This purchase will provide an awesome opportunity for our players to not only train in a much more efficient manner, but through this upgrade, they will also be able to take advantage of specific workouts, which will be tailored to their shooting needs and will provide immediate feedback during an actual workout.  Head Women’s Basketball Coach Riley Woldt and Head Men’s Basketball Coach Zach Filzen

Men’s Ice Hockey – The new skate sharpener ensures our players’ skates are ready to go for practices and games and. The upgrade to top-rated skate sharpening equipment breeds the confidence in our players that they will be able to compete at peak performance levels each and every single time they touch the ice. Head Men’s Ice Hockey Coach Mike Szkodzinski

Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Softball, and Baseball – While we have not utilized the funds yet, our student-athletes are so grateful that their cost of going on our respective trips in March 2019 has been significantly defrayed, and they are excited that our trips will be enhanced by the generous donations of our alumni, parents, friends, and LU family. Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach Steve Francour and Head Softball Coach Kim Tatro

Women’s Volleyball – We travel to Boston/Springfield, Mass., from August 29 to September 3. The funds raised from the 2018 Crowdfund for LU Athletics will help our student-athletes enjoy a competitive, educational and fun trip with significantly less personal expenses involved. We will be posting pictures of our journey on our social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving – We will use the funds raised from the crowdfund to help our student-athletes purchase championship suits. This is really going to impact our team members’ experience by allowing them to get top of the line suits to use at the Midwest Conference Championships meet! We are so grateful. Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Coach Drew Fleek

Men’s Soccer – The team is benefitting not only from a new camera but from the VidSwap program, as well. A new HD camera and tripod will give us a more consistent, stable view of the game. Over the years the film room has always been a place we need to improve. It is a part of the program where we can take control of building the "total player." Program upgrades like these film tools combined with the desire of our athletes to get better is the recipe for building a quality men’s soccer program. We cannot and will not shy away from hard work! We cannot wait to get started. Head Men’s Soccer Coach Will Greer

Women’s Soccer – With the need for a new live film kit and tripod put on hold at the beginning of my time on staff, the women’s soccer team will be purchasing 25 new Nike soccer balls, which will make a dramatic difference on our ability to train effectively. For the first time in our program’s history, we will be practicing on a daily basis with the same ball model that we use in competition, which should have a direct impact on the development of our technique and feel on the pitch. Head Women’s Soccer Coach Joe Sagar 

Football – The generous gifts made to LU Football during the Crowdfund for LU Athletics has allowed us to improve our technology in both the areas of video analysis and in recruiting. The upgrades made with our tablets and Hudl video features will allow our coaches and players to better prepare for each game with more quality practice reps. The upgrade to our recruiting software will allow our coaches and prospective student-athletes to communicate more effectively and efficiently throughout the recruiting process. Thank you so much to those who gave!


Men’s and Women’s Fencing – Vikings Fencing thanks all of our generous alumni who made contributions to the programs during the Crowdfund for LU Athletics. We will definitely make good use of our four brand new scoring boxes! Head Men’s and Women’s Fencing Coach Mike Hall


Throwing Cage

Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field – Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to raise enough money to get both the new set of steeplechase barriers and a new state-of-the-art discus and hammer throwing cage. These are truly program-changing enhancements. I can't thank our supporters enough! Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field Coach Jason Fast