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 2019-20 Directory


Sara Wegmann '97

Sara Wegmann ’97, VAAC Co-Chair

Founder & Co-President, Career Prep, LLC
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Minneapolis, MN 

Teams and Honors:

Women’s Soccer
Captain, 1995 and 1996 Seasons
MVP 1996 Season
All-Conference 1996 Season
Academic All-Conference 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 Seasons

What being a Viking means to me:

“Many of my favorite Lawrence experiences centered around being a student-athlete and playing on the LU soccer team.  I loved coming early to campus during pre-season, and have such great memories of playing hours of soccer and then getting to know all the new student-athletes in fall sports before everyone came to campus.  Being a student-athlete taught me leadership, discipline, competitiveness, teamwork, resilience, and the ability to multi-task and get things done.  These lessons have been invaluable to me in my career, and I hope my daughters are able to have a similar experience as student-athletes.  I continue to be involved in athletics as a youth soccer and volleyball coach, as a competitive doubles tennis player, and as a parent raising athletic daughters.”



Jamie Reeve '95  

Jamie Reeve ’95, VAAC Co-Chair

Wealth Strategist & Senior Vice President, The Northern Trust Company
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Shorewood, WI

Teams and Honors:

Football – defensive end and long snapper, sophomore through senior years
Second Team All-Midwest Conference all three years
Bernie Heselton Award recipient senior year
Best mutton chop side burns on the team as a senior, too 

Golf – sophomore through senior years

What being a Viking means to me:

"It is a unique bonding element, aligning myself with other Lawrence athletes, past and present.  We sacrificed and prioritized countless hours to attaining team goals.  We relied on our teammates to do their job as they expected me to do mine.  Collectively, our efforts resulted in far more than games won or lost.  As a team, we were coached to push ourselves while dealing with adversity and pain.  And what we learned on the field -- about ourselves and our teammates -- applies to the real world in everyday life.  Being a Viking prepared me for marriage.  It built a strong foundation for my chosen career.  And the lessons learned as a Viking afford me terrific insight, which I pass on as a parent to my own children."



Aly Palmer '99

Aly Palmer ’99

Former Attorney; Current Full-Time Mom
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Edina, MN

Teams and Honors:

Women's Basketball
Midwest Conference champs 1999
Academic All-Midwest Conference

Midwest Conference champs, 1997, 1998 and 1999
All-Midwest Conference 1999
NFCA All-Great Lakes Region First Team 1999

Academic All-Midwest Conference

What being a Viking means to me:

"I loved being a student-athlete at Lawrence.  Of course, I enjoyed the competition and took pride in representing LU.  However, what has stuck with me the most since my student-athlete experience is the camaraderie we enjoyed, the friendships I made, and the life lessons I learned.  College athletics prepared me for life in ways I could not have imagined."



Amy Hutchings '17

Amy Hutchings ’17

Assistant Director of Donor Engagement, Lawrence University
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Appleton, WI

Teams and Honors:

Women's Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track
Ninth Place All-Conference in Cross Country (2013)
Third Place All-Conference Indoor Track and Field Distance Medley Relay (2017)
The Outstanding Freshman Athletic Award for Women
The Charles E. Pond Award for Women
Academic All-Midwest Conference Teams

What being a Viking means to me:

“Lawrence Cross Country and Track & Field gave me a Lawrence family filled with the most down-to-earth, brilliant, resilient, hard-working, and caring individuals. Being a student-athlete means working hard for the people you care about, never giving up, and supporting your teammates through victories and losses. I will always be grateful to be a Lawrence Viking.”



Andrew Wong '06

Andrew Wong ’06

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company
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Chicago, IL

Teams and Honors:

ESPN Academic All-America Team, 2005 and 2006 seasons
Team MVP, 2006 season
All-Midwest Region, 2005 and 2006 seasons
All-Midwest Conference Conference, 2004, 2005, and 2006 seasons

What being a Viking means to me:

"Being a Viking to me is about lifelong friendships, transferrable life skills and fun.  Many of my closest friends are from the sports teams at Lawrence.  My roommates were from the baseball, football and track teams.  I’ve been to countless weddings, bachelor parties and life celebrations of my teammates.  The bonds we developed through our competitions will last a lifetime.  I developed many life-skills throughout my Viking playing career that have proved invaluable throughout my professional career: leadership, discipline, competitiveness, teamwork, resilience.  I used all these intangibles in my early career as a professional baseball player and coach leading baseball teams across the US minor leagues, Australia, South Africa and Europe.  Currently, I apply these lessons in my profession as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.  Finally, being a Viking is just pure fun!  Some of my best memories as a student are from the playing fields.  As an alum, the joy continues with all the connectivity events with other fellow LU Viking alums (e.g. going to watch the current teams as fan, playing in alumni games, talking to current student-athletes)."



Chase Nelson '14

Chase Nelson ’14

Key Account Manager, BCDVideo
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Breckenridge, CO

Teams and Honors:

Men's Basketball
Team Captain
Two-time Academic-Midwest Conference Conference 

What being a Viking means to me:

"Lawrence University provided me a place to grow and established a foundation for me to build from in everyday life. Basketball was the catalyst for all of that. It helped me realize what it takes to succeed, and how to fail. It gave me drive and focus while also supplying an outlet when I often needed it most. Playing basketball at Lawrence gave me a setting that was both rigorous and enjoyable. Most importantly, being a student athlete at Lawrence prepared me to be so much more than a student or an athlete, and that is a lesson I am grateful to re-learn every day."



Chris Braier '06

Chris Braier ’06

Senior Consultant, Navigant Consulting
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Chicago, IL

Teams and Honors:

Men’s Basketball
Team Captain 2006
Firsst-Team All-Midwest Conference 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006
Midwest Conference Player of the Year 2004 and 2006
All-America 2004, 2005 and 2006
Josten Award NCAA Division III Player of the Year 2006
Academic All-American 2006

What being a Viking means to me:

"Being a Viking means much more than accomplishments on the hardwood. Being a Viking is about the long lasting relationships I built with my teammates, coaches and professors. Being a Viking means building a toolkit in leadership, time management and teamwork that has carried over to my professional life.  It is what gives me a sense of pride every time I don the Blue and White and cringe when I have to wear Red."



 Jeff Fox '72

Jeff Fox ’72

Retired - Global Supply Chain Leader, Owens Corning
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Dahlonega, GA

Teams and Honors:

Lettered three years (freshmen were not eligible in my day)
Honorable mention All-Midwest Conference, junior and senior year
Team Most Valuable Lineman, junior and senior year. 

Club Hockey, four years

What being a Viking means to me:

“The relationships and friendships forged on the field and ice have been lifelong.  The discipline, teamwork, success and failures provided learning experiences that were instrumental in my life.”



Katie Jones '94

Katie Jones ’94

Shareholder at Kanaris, Stubenvoll & Heiss, P.C.
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Oak Park, IL

Teams and Honors:

Member of Lawrence University Tennis Team
Member of Lawrence University Rowing Club

What being a Viking means to me:

"Being a student-athlete at Lawrence was the highlight of my college experience.  The relationships I formed through the student-athlete experience have carried me through my post-college life. Not only did my college sports experience introduce me into some of my best friends, it also taught me about mental toughness.  When you are pushing your body beyond what you believed it was capable of, you learn how to image yourself achieving other and bigger goals as well.  And, as a bonus, I got some great Lawrence gear!"



Sarah Ehlinger '11  

Sarah Ehlinger ’11

Executive Director, Milwaukee Global Health Consortium
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Milwaukee, WI

Teams and Honors:

Women's Soccer (four letters)
NCAA Tournament Team Member 2010
First-Team All-Midwest Conference 2010
Second-Team All-Midwest Conference 2007, 2008 and 2009
ESPN Academic All-District 2009 and 2010
Ruth Bateman Award
Outstanding Freshman Athletic Award for Women

Women's Basketball (one letter)

What being a Viking means to me:

“Nothing is more beautiful than witnessing a combination of unique individual talents make tangible progress towards a shared goal. Being a Viking taught me that when a vision is shared, everyone succeeds when everyone contributes. While other programs may rely on a few key players, Lawrence Athletics focuses on the depth of the team by simultaneously tapping into the depth of the individual. In this way, it complements Lawrence’s academics in the balance of fostering individual and collective growth."



Terry Coenen '84

Terry Coenen ’84

HEW Leader/Finishing Process Engineer, AstenJohnson
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Appleton, WI

Teams and Honors:

Charles E. Pond Award For Men
Academic All-American

What being a Viking means to me:

“For me, it has always been an honor to participate on a school athletic team whether it was at the grade school, high school or collegiate level.  First, the opportunity to participate in athletics had to be earned by maintaining academic and personal standards. Second, it was my chance to positively represent the school that I was attending and the community where I lived.  The opportunity to participate in athletics was invaluable.  It taught me how to manage time, set goals, and work diligently which were all important in achieving personal, academic and career success. My involvement with athletics at Lawrence has opened many doors for me over the years, and I have built many lifetime friendships with teammates, coaches, classmates, fellow alums and even those that played against us.  Those relationships continue to be priceless, and I hope to build many more in the years to come.”



Wendy and Craig Chambers

Wendy & Craig Chambers (Parents of Caitlin Chambers, Class of 2021)

Wendy – Director, HR Business Solutions at Edward Jones
Craig – Principal Engineer, Manufacturing at Boeing
Wendy's LinkedIn Profile
St. Louis, MO

Teams and Honors:

Caitlin Chambers
Team Captain 2019
Student Athletic Advisory Committee Member 2018 and 2019
Vice President Programming Delta Gamma Sorority

What being Viking parents means to us:

"Being a Viking is an amazing opportunity to be something bigger than yourself.  It is having the ability to play a sport you love, while getting an outstanding education and being part of the Lawrence community. The LU athletic experience allows students to grow on the court while also growing by studying abroad, being in a sorority, and having the time to make meaningful relationships outside of your team.  We have seen the impact that the Viking experience is having on our daughter.  Being a student-athlete teaches you how to be competitive, while being a team player.  It teaches you how to value your teammates and the talents they bring to the table. These are life skills that will help Caitlin throughout her journey.  Craig and I are honored and proud to support Viking Athletics."



 Alan Duff

Alan Duff ’14
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Austin, TX

Teams and Honors:

Men's Fencing 
Rookie of the Year 2011
Coaches' Award 2013
NCAA Regional Qualifier 2012, 2013 and 2014 
Assistant Coach, 2015 Season with Men's Saber NCAA Midwest Fencing Conference Champions

What being a Viking means to me:

"If I had to distill my experiences as a student athlete down to a few words I'd say commitment, perseverance, and teamwork. Cliche as that may sound in my head, they fit. There's nothing quite like waking up at 7 A.M. on a Monday, going to classes all day, then walking to fencing practice that lasts three hours, eating with the team afterwards in the long-emptied private dining rooms, studying, and then doing it again for the rest of the week. Learning to push past my exhaustion, poor moods, and doubts day after day through good or bad, alone or with my team, shaped me into the person I am today. I know that by making a commitment to myself and others I managed to persevere and push myself both academically and physically. I continue to push these limits every day because of my time at Lawrence, and a large part of that is due to the support I received as a member of the fencing team."



Lisa Becket '88

Lisa Becket ’88

Senior Vice President for Customer Engagement, Disney
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Orlando, FL

Teams and Honors:

Women’s Tennis
Midwest Conference Champions 1985 and 1986
Won four individual Midwest Conference championships, singles and doubles, 1985 and 1986
WISL Award 1986

What being a Viking means to me:

"I have wonderful memories of being part of the LU tennis team – spending time together on roadtrips to what felt like very faraway places, bundling up to play in the ‘brisk’ weather, competing hard (and winning!) together, and making lifelong friendships.  Being a student-athlete at Lawrence really helped teach me about leadership, teamwork, discipline, prioritization and the importance of accountability … all skills that have helped me both in my personal life and also provided a great foundation for my career.  I still enjoy competing and am always trying to find ways to manage my amateur tennis career among all of the other (and likely more important) competing life priorities.  I also have two young daughters who have just started playing soccer, and I hope that they will find as much fun and satisfaction from sports as I have."



Christyn Abaray

Christyn Abaray

Director of Athletics, Lawrence University
920-832-6760 office
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Appleton, WI



Andrew Borresen '15

Andrew Borresen ’15

Assistant Director of Athletics Giving, Lawrence University
920-832-7486 office
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Milwaukee, WI