About Lawrence Athletics

About Lawrence Athletics

Lawrence University Mission Statement

Lawrence University of Wisconsin, through its undergraduate college and conservatory of music, educates men and women in the liberal arts and sciences.  Committed to the development of intellect and talent, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the cultivation of judgment and values, Lawrence prepares students for lives of service, achievement, leadership, and personal fulfillment.   

Lawrence University Department of Athletics Vision

Intercollegiate athletics is an integral co-curricular component of the educational experience at Lawrence University.

Department of Athletics Mission Statement

Lawrence University Athletics provide our student-athletes with the highest quality athletics experience, where we are pursuing excellence on the conference, regional, and national levels while assisting in each student-athlete’s holistic development. Our athletics mission is carried out with our values at the forefront and through the lens of the overall mission of Lawrence University.

Lawrence University Department of Athletics Values


Commitment is being fully invested in our program, our department, our University, and all of each’s principles and values. Commitment is having total buy-in to the common goal and a drive to pursue excellence. It is making daily decisions using the lens of achieving shared goals.


Family is a group of individuals who care deeply for each other and is united by something shared. It is a group with shared values and goals that not only gives each other love and support but also respectfully challenges each other towards upholding those values and goals.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when it is hard. Integrity is how our words, actions, and behaviors demonstrate our values at all times and especially when no one is watching. It is being whole in our honesty, strong in our principles, and unified as a group.


Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and skills by using daily experiences to be better than yesterday. It is the constant search for ways to improve, a commitment to always growing and developing as we have never “arrived.” Learning is deliberately seeking growth through all of the opportunities presented to us.


Passion is the intersection between love, commitment, and pride – putting the time, thought, effort, and emotion necessary for success. Passion is the burning desire inside each of us.


Pride is caring deeply about all we do, including performance and winning. It is taking ownership of our actions. Pride is having a sense of purpose in something greater than ourselves that helps guide us.


We want to assist the scholar-athletes to achieve excellence in all facets of their life, holistic development. 

Athletics – We develop, plan, and implement effective training and strive for quality competitiveness to see the athletics growth. 

Academics – Educating the scholar-athletes, using sport as our vehicle and our playing surface as our classroom, teaches the tangible and intangible skills that enhance their education – effective communication, ability to follow direction, leading, working in groups, supporting others, time management, just to name a few. These skill sets add to a student’s “tool kit of skills” and become transferable into whatever arena the students may find themselves. Our coaches are educators, our practice plans are our lesson plans, and our contests are our tests and exams.

Admissions – Recruiting is the life blood of any of our athletics programs so we also dedicate considerable time on and off-campus to finding both quality future Lawrentians and Vikings, which adds us to the admissions efforts. Our coaches seek students from diverse backgrounds to represent us as Lawrentian Vikings – racially, ethnically, geographically, socioeconomically, spiritually, in all ways. We work to ensure we have diverse rosters, representing what the campus population looks like.

Student Life – Because of the relationships we develop with the scholar-athletes, we on most occasions are the first person to whom a student will go when there is concern – personal, academic, in any way. This makes us student life and academic support professionals as well. While not experts in each component of student life or academic support areas, we effectively function as a safe place to start, and faithfully redirect the students to our expert fellow colleagues.

Alumni/Development – The affinity that most former scholar-athletes have with their athletics experience is palpable. Maintaining and in some cases increasing the engagement level of these scholar-athletes after their lives at Lawrence have completed is the cornerstone of the athletics programs’ continuity of culture and tradition, and the cornerstone of a potential pipeline for philanthropic giving to athletics. 

Physical Plant – Facilities enhancement is essential to ensure we are providing the highest quality spaces for our scholar-athletes’ athletics development as possible. The Banta Bowl renovation project - $5M field, plaza, center, and press box renovation are the latest example of this dedication. This physical representation of the commitment has proven fruitful for the entire institution.