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Secondary Insurance Memo (All returning and new student-athletes are strongly urged to read the memo)

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Secondary Insurance FAQ

What is "secondary insurance" and why does LU have a policy?

Lawrence University Athletics purchases a policy with First Agency, Inc. to help cover athletic- related medical expenses. The concept of it is to prevent our student-athletes from incurring excessive out-of-pocket expenses due to athletic-related accidents and injuries. To do this, our plan covers expenses that might not be covered by a student-athlete’s primary insurance plan. Our policy will cover services from any provider, for charges up to 100% Usual & Customary, as long as the provider bills your primary insurance first (creating an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and itemized bill). This includes physicians in any insurance network, and other providers such as chiropractors, etc.

How do I become eligible? How does it work?

Every student-athlete is automatically covered by the plan as soon as they are medically cleared to participate. If they become injured while participating in an athletics practice or competition, the Athletic Trainer will assist them with filling out a claim form.

Why is there a fee for the secondary insurance?

To pay for the cost of the secondary insurance as well as other athletic medical services, each student-athlete will be billed directly from the Athletics Department $250 annually (regardless of the number of sports in which they participate) once it has been determined that the student- athlete has used a season of participation. According to NCAA legislation, a season of participation is used if a student-athlete is on a team roster for the first practice after the first regular-season game. A student-athlete who does not use a season of participation will be billed only if they have a claim towards the athletic insurance policy from an injury that occurred during preseason practice prior to using a season of participation. The secondary insurance plan ensures that every LU student-athlete has adequate insurance coverage up to the NCAA catastrophic plan.

When is the fee due? And how do we pay?

Within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Invoices will be sent after a season of participation has been used by the student-athlete (participation as of the first game of that sport). If needed, please work with the Director of Athletics to establish a payment plan as soon as possible once receiving the invoice. Please pay the athletics department directly. We would like this to be paid through Student Accounts as we do not want any student to accumulate interest for this expense which would happen if this went unpaid after the month it was invoiced to you through Student Accounts, however after the final notice we will pass along the invoice to Student Accounts.

This bill was paid upfront from athletics so we are using the student payments to reimburse us for the upfront cost. You can pay via cash, check, money order, credit.

Remit address: Department of Athletics Lawrence University 711 E. Boldt Way Appleton, WI 54911

Credit Card: Our online payment system or in-person see Abby Screnock in Alexander Gym, 1100 East South River Street, Appleton, WI 54915.

Do I still need to have primary insurance since Lawrence Athletics has this secondary policy?

Yes, you do. All student-athletes must still provide evidence of primary insurance that includes coverage for athletically-related injuries. This is a pre-requisite for practice and competition set forth by the NCAA. No student will be allowed to participate in any way until evidence of current insurance coverage is on file with the Lawrence University Athletic Training Office. Our secondary policy ONLY covers varsity athletic-related injury charges not paid by primary insurance. It does not cover any bills associated with general illness or non-athletic injuries.

Lawrence University offers medical insurance that covers a student inclusive of intercollegiate athletics participation. Please follow this link:

Is there a deductible associated with the secondary policy?

No, there is a $0 deductible on the policy. This means that any varsity athletic injury medical charges, from $0-$90,000, not covered by your primary insurance, will be paid by this policy, up to 100% Usual & Customary.

What expenses does the secondary policy cover?

The policy is designed to cover most expenses beyond your primary insurance coverage for varsity athletic related accidents and injuries, up to charges of 100% Usual & Customary. This includes co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, etc. Other covered expenses may include things like ambulance, imaging, hospital stay, surgery, physical therapy and emergency care. Speak to your Athletic Trainer for more details concerning the policy’s schedule of benefits.

What doesn't the secondary policy cover?

Our secondary policy will not cover charges due to general illness, because these are usually not caused by Lawrence University athletics participation. Therefore, services for general “non-athletic” medical concerns (i.e. cold/flu, appendicitis) are not covered. Injuries sustained outside of athletics department organized and sanctioned activities (i.e., “captain’s” practices) are not covered. In addition, injuries sustained during club sports and/or intramural sports activities are not covered.

Am I able to waive the secondary insurance policy?

Yes, student-athletes are able to waive the policy as long as they have adequate medical coverage in Wisconsin and meet the required NCAA coverage. We hope that you will never need this assistance, however, injury is a part of athletics participation. This insurance will substantially reduce, if not eliminate, excess out-of-pocket expenses in the event of injury due to varsity athletics competition. Waiver requests are due 30 days upon receipt of the first invoice, after which no waivers will be accepted. If secondary insurance coverage is waived, the student-athlete is liable and responsible for all medical expenses for that given academic year. Contact Ashley Rottier,, or Christyn Abaray,

Am I able to petition for financial assistance to pay for this policy?

Yes. We are aware that this may be a financial hardship. Information on this process is available through the Director of Athletics.