Department of Athletics Mission

Department of Athletics Mission

Lawrence University Mission Statement

Lawrence University of Wisconsin, through its undergraduate college and conservatory of music, educates men and women in the liberal arts and sciences.  Committed to the development of intellect and talent, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the cultivation of judgment and values, Lawrence prepares students for lives of service, achievement, leadership, and personal fulfillment.   

Department of Athletics Vision

Intercollegiate athletics will be an integral, co-curricular component of the educational process at Lawrence University.

Department of Athletics Mission Statement

Provide a source of pride and enthusiasm for Lawrence University and the Lawrence Community by helping student-athletes strive for excellence in both athletics and academics while demonstrating good sportsmanship in competition at the highest level of the Midwest Conference, Northern Collegiate Hockey Association, and NCAA Division III.

Department of Athletics Objectives

1. Promote and support the student athlete’s commitment to academic success.

2. Strive for and maintain an overall student-athlete retention rate that equals or exceeds that of the overall University.

3. Teach student athletes beneficial life skills and attributes such as teamwork, accountability, self-discipline, communication, leadership, and personal health and wellness through practice, competition and professional development activities.

4. Demonstrate and expect the highest level of sportsmanship from athletes, coaches, parents, students and spectators.

5. Work cooperatively with the Admissions Office to recruit well-qualified student-athletes.

6. Promote and maintain Athletics staff unity and morale in a cooperative relationship with the entire University community.

7. Serve as positive role models while representing Lawrence University.

8. Advance the University by coordinating fundraising activities with the Development Office.

9. Strive for all teams to achieve winning records.