Lawrence Vikings Athletics is comprised of 21 intercollegiate sports, which compete across three athletics conferences for conference, regional and national success. This success does not happen overnight and is predicated on how well we continue to find and develop the skilled student-athletes we want that fit as Lawrentians and Vikings.

There are many steps within the college athletics recruiting process. As you work through the process, be mindful of these basic concepts at the NCAA DIII level:

Initial Evaluations

Coaches are identifying potential prospective student-athletes. The criteria vary from institution to institution. At Lawrence, we focus first on a student’s academic profile and then on their athletics ability. Lawrence is a rigorous and engaging environment so when initially evaluating, we want to ensure we use that as our first filter. Character matters so coaches are looking for identifiers that illustrate not only your academic and athletic ability but also who you are as a person.

Initial Correspondence

Coaches send communication to gauge your interest. This could be through a request for you to complete the prospective student-athlete questionnaire or an invitation to a camp or clinic, to name a couple. Know that if a coach at this stage is reaching out, we are interested in learning more about you. Do your research – check the main website, check the athletics website, take the campus virtual tours, read about the academic options and the postgraduate experiences (we call this Life After Lawrence).

Subsequent Evaluations

This is the point where most people think the recruiting process begins, however, coaches have already initially evaluated you academically and athletically. These are the times when coaches are looking at you more in-depth. Do you continue to show yourself as an academic fit? Are you an athletics fit with others in the recruiting class and with existing teammates? More importantly at this stage is the character check. How are your actions as a person with your teammates? Your coaches? Other authority in your life? What do you do outside of your sport? Our coaches will call and observe themselves to assess this crucial aspect. We have asked you to apply and assisted you through the financial aid process if you are using it.

Campus Visits

Visiting where will be your home for the foreseeable future is an essential piece to this process. Staying overnight when classes are in session should be the priority when visiting any campus so you gain a fuller picture of the experience. Talk with the students, visit with faculty, and spend time with your potential future teammates. Most importantly, ask all of your questions.

Commitments and Deposits

We want to make sure students have all of the information at their disposal to make their decision. You will have your admissions decision, your financial package, and understand athletics expectations. Coaches will reach out to answer any additional questions you have to aid you in your selection. When LU is determined to be a fit, we celebrate you as a commit! We will then move you to the final step of depositing to the institution. At the NCAA DIII level, we do not have a binding athletics signing document. We do have a celebratory signing document for you to sign that your new coach will have for you to use on your own signing day if you choose to do that!


It does not stop there…

Recruitment and Retention are partner concepts when searching for the next Lawrence Viking!

Lawrence Vikings Recruitment

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any athletics program. We have a solid coaching group who partner with our admissions staff to enroll both Lawrentians and Vikings as one to each of our programs. At our core we set ourselves apart with our ability to forge strong relationships with our prospective scholar-athletes. Each year we work to find those students who can thrive in our rigorous and engaging living and learning environment. Outcomes for us include growing our roster in both quantity and quality, and diversifying our teams (intellectually, ethnically, racially, geographically, socioeconomically, religiously/spiritually, in all ways) to replicate the overall institutional recruitment efforts. We are always on the lookout for the next Lawrentian Viking. Are you ready to join us?!


If recruitment is the lifeblood, then retention is the heart. How we choose to engage with our scholar-athletes once they are on campus significantly affects their connection to and persistence at Lawrence. We pride ourselves for having one of the highest retention rates for an affinity group on campus and will continue to focus on this as a priority. Because we build such a rich bond with the scholar-athletes beginning with the recruitment process, we become a pivotal figure for them as they grow and develop holistically during their time at Lawrence – a key part of our mission in athletics. We intentionally and regularly check in with our scholar-athletes on all facets of their lives to not only understand where they are but to also help guide them through the decision-making process and towards additional resources. Additionally, with one of our tenants being leadership development of the students, we conduct workshops and trainings on different components of leadership along with practical opportunities to apply their learned skills outside of the athletics venue.