All Lawrence University student-athletes have access to Certified Athletic Trainers in the Lawrence University Athletic Training Room.  The Athletic Training Room is located on the ground level of Alexander Gymnasium (1100 East South River Street).  Student-athletes also have team physicians and specialized orthopedic surgeons that make visits to the Athletic Training Room to help care for injuries.

The Athletic Training Room is staffed throughout the academic year by Certified Athletic Trainers for general treatments, injury evaluations, and rehabilitation. This allows athletes to receive care in a timely manner at no cost, and without leaving campus and losing valuable academic time. During practices and competitions, the facility is staffed with Certified Athletic Trainers.  We have also established a network of specialists for those injuries or illnesses that require further attention.

Our Mission

The mission of the Lawrence University Athletic Training Department is to provide the intercollegiate student-athlete with quality medical care through a teamwork approach including student-athlete, Certified Athletic Trainer, team physician and coach.

We focus on care, prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries or illnesses, enabling the student-athlete to participate at their highest level.  There is an emphasis on prevention of injuries through education and preventative techniques, as well as providing a safe competitive environment. The injuries incurred while participating will be managed, treated, and rehabilitated to ensure a safe return back to sports and to daily life. When necessary, appropriate referral of student-athletes to medical and/or other health personnel will be done.

Certified Athletic Trainer

A Certified Athletic Trainer is a specially trained para-medical professional to provide injury and illness care to the student-athlete both in an emergent and non-emergent situation. The Certified Athletic Trainers at Lawrence University are certified nationally and licensed by the State of Wisconsin and must perform yearly continuing education in order to maintain those credentials.

Athletic Training Room Hours


Saturday and Sunday:

 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for evaluations, treatments and rehabilitations    

By appointment, email

To make an appointment directly with Ashley Rottier:

To make an appointment directly with Kelsey Sauer:

To make an appointment directly with Matt Wilfuer:

Pre-season, interim, and holiday athletic training room hours may vary and will be based on practice schedules.  

Please see the calendar in the Athletic Training Room window for the most up-to-date hours of operation.

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